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Harvey Krupnick is the godfather of wrist hitting, and he utilizes concise, well thought out principles to maximize the most of players talents in the hitting stroke with this concept.Krupnick is adept at teaching wrist hitting with precision and power that can be used for young kids and older players. Krupnick takes viewers through an array of steps taught sequentially through demonstrations and drills. The sequence of drills builds a movement foundation a hitter never forgets.The effective use of hands, wrist actions and arm extensions are covered in-depth by Krupnick in this excellent video along with wrist drills to quicken the wrists and make them move through the contact zone in a proper manner. Through tee drills, ball toss and other techniques Krupnick gives an effective and thought provoking message to batting instuctors and hitters on How to Teach and Learn the Art of Hitting.

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By Harvey Krupnick, Varsity Baseball Coach Holliston High School, Holliston, MA. and director of Harvey Krupnick's Batting School.

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Holliston High School baseball coach Harvey Krupnick was selected by Major League Baseball to travel to Africa as part of the league’s envoy program.

It’s always nice to be back in the good ‘ol USA after four very interesting weeks in South Africa.

I ended up working 54 baseball clinic or practices over a 28-day period. My major league baseball manual had daily journal entry forms and each evening I would write in how many players and coaches were in attendance at each clinic. By the end of my trip I had coached 606 kids who had already been playing baseball, 853 new kids who had never played baseball and 196 coaches who were in attention during those clinics. That comes out to approximately 1,459 players plus 196 coaches, which is 1,655 total attention at all the practices and clinics.

I slept in seven different locations - Johannesburg, Durbin, Mdantsane, George, Oudtshoon, Cape Town and Paarl - and with seven different host families. Each host family was really into baseball all year around. They took care of my place to sleep, food, clinic scheduling and travel. It was exciting and interesting to meet so many new people and find out all about them and a little sad to have to say goodbye after interacting so closely with them.

One personally gratifying part of the trip was that the South Africa Baseball Federation has decided to adopt my batting school program.

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"Harv's knowledge and expertise on hitting is clearly stated, understood and illustrated in this excellent video. I personally got a lot from it and highly recommend it to every coach and player.

Jim Lefebvre
Major League Manager
& Hitting Instructor

Have Bat will Travel
Will travel to train hitters and to
speak at clinics

Coach Krupnick often travels throughout the US and other countries to train baseball leagues, coaches and players.

Coach Krupnick is not only the Massachusetts Baseball Coaches Association State clinic co-chairman, but he is also a national and international clinic speaker. He was invited by the South African National Baseball Union through the Major League Baseball International envoy program to give clinics throughout South Africa. Nationally Coach Krupnick has been a guest speaker at the A.B.C.A. National Convention and B.C.A. National High School Coaches Convention. He has spoken at the following state high school coaches conventions and camps:

New Hampshire


Bucky Dents Baseball School
Dick Birmingham Sports Camps

Major League Basbeall International Envoy Program

Coach K instructing cousin Joe Zack from Killington, VT.

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Harvey Krupnick, who is enamored with baseball as any human being on this planet and proves it every day of the year, has been named winner of the 1992 Easton Sports National Master Coach Award by Easton Sports and Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

Krupnick is recognized as a national authority on hitting and has appeared at hundreds of clinics nationwide, extolling the fine art of teaching hitting and has had a profound influence on many coaches.